Composed of 3 main services including:

1. Compliance Consultancy and Contracting

 for all DOLE Health and Safety mandated requirements including Institutional Clinic Management (ICM) for medical staffing, medicine and supplies provisions, and diagnostics/procedures referrals;.

2. Medical Utilization Monitoring   

includes cost monitoring, treatment audits, medicine purchasing/dispensing analysis and HMO coordination

3. Sick Leave Management

to provide validation, mitigate losses, improve treatments, and deliver analytics;  All services are geared towards preventive medicine and wellness maintenance, and are anchored on innovative health technology such as iDoc

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Evaluate current healthcare systems and offer cost effective alternatives for provision and funding of medical services and benefits anchored on holistic care, preventive programs, clinic practice guidelines, and health analytics.  HUGS also provides turn-key solutions for the design, construction and operations of medical facilities such as primary clinics, specialty centers and general hospitals.


As part of our mission, our goal is to make our clients active participants in their own care by keeping them connected and engaged.  Our foci are on specific markets and health opportunities within the Labor force (including OFW’s and their families), Student health, and Elderly care.


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iDoc Telehealth System is an independent subscription portal accessed by Voice calls, SMS, email, VOIP or Instant Messaging (Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger).  Members have access to daily unlimited calls to our physicians, nurses and nutritionists and can avail of ePrescriptions and eReferrals to our partner pharmacy (Watsons) and diagnostics (Hi-Precision).  iDoc members can avail of our cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) accessed via computer or phone app.  This allows a more personalized, proactive and holistic approach to health where prevention is prioritized over cure.